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Important Messages


1. Each vendor has a specified "deadline" date that they need to receive orders from CCM, so that animals will be delivered the following week. These orders often require changes, counter offers, numerous phone calls and emails, vendor changes and lots of patience by all involved. While we would like to be able to accommodate late orders or special circumstances, time and resources do not allow this luxury. Please do not ask staff to take late orders or make special concessions on your behalf.
2. All orders must contain the species, strain, sex, weight or age of the desired animal(s). No orders will be accepted that do not contain all required fields. If an incomplete order is received, CCM will make every effort to contact the originator for clarification. These order clarifications OR last minute changes will ONLY BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE. CCM will not be responsible for making assumptions.
3. CCM staff is responsible for properly housing the animals upon arrival, and making certain that the packing slip is in agreement with each order. However, it is not their responsibility to determine if your white mouse is a Balb/C or a Swiss Webster. Keep in mind, vendor policy is that any errors or problems are to be reported to them within 48 hours of delivery. All requests for credits, no charge replacements or other arrangements for unsatisfactory animals will be handled by CCM staff, only. You will need to notify Donna Mathes @ 4-8064 or Micki Laman @ 4-9984, within 48 hours of your animals delivery.

Message Date: 05/23/12